Your County Attorney is the legal advisor and chief law enforcement officer for your county.

The County Attorney DOES

Keep in Touch
If you change address or phone number, contact the Sheriff or Police Department investigating your case. If the county Attorney filed a charge, notify that office. If you have been subpoenaed, call the County Attorney's Office before you go to Court to make sure you don't make an unnecessary trip. Court cases are often rescheduled for a variety of reasons.

Who is a victim of Crime?
For the purpose of victim rights, a victim is defined as a person who has suffered physical, emotional, or financial harm as a result of a crime. The term victim also includes immediate family members of a murder victim as well as a victim who was rendered incompetent as a result of the offense.

The Butler County Attorney's office cannot distribute a person's criminal history. If you would like to obtain a person's criminal history, you should contact the:

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  • Free State Wide Court Information Available, CLICK HERE When was my last speeding ticket? I'm thinking about hiring someone. Can you tell me anything about this person? While our office does not usually answer these questions, you may be able to easily find your answer on this site.