Polling place locations are open from 7:00 A.M. – 8:00 P.M.  See location list below.

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Greene Community Center1-GR
Community Center

202 W. South St., Greene 
Bennezette Township, including the City 
of Aredale, Coldwater Township,
the City of Greene, and Dayton


Amvet Building

102 E Greene St., Clarksville
Fremont Township, Butler Township, including the City of Clarksville, and Jackson Township, excluding the City of Allison



Legion Hall

508 Main St., Dumont
Pittsford Township, including the City of Dumont, but excluding the City of Bristow, Madison Township and Washington Township



Courthouse-Lower Level

428-6th St., Allison
West Point Township, including the City of Bristow and City of Allison




Community Center

929 Parrott St., Aplington
Ripley Township and Monroe Township, including the City of Aplington but excluding the City of Parkersburg.



IMG 0976 
Boyd Building

 303 S Cherry St., Shell Rock, IA 
 Jefferson Township,  Shell  Rock 
Township, including the City of Shell  
 Rock, and that  part of Beaver Township  lying north of  310th St and east of 
 County Road T55.  


PB Vets bldg                                
 Vetrans Memorial Building
 102 Colfax St, Parkersburg, IA
 Albion Township, including the Cityof 



IMG 0979 8-NH
 Community Center 

 303 Broadway St, New Hartford, IA
That part of Beaver Township lying
 south of 310th Street and west
 of Couinty Road T55, including the
of New Hartford.



Basic Requirements and Duties of an Election Official

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