*The following sample ballots are listed by precinct. The type of ballot you will receive depends on the school district and/or community college district you live in. For example: If you live in Allison, your ballot will have both the North Butler question and the Hawkeye Community College question. Please note that not all ballot styles are shown. Although, all questions in the March 7, 2023 Special Election appear on the following ballots: 

1-GR - North Butler Question

2-CL - Hawkeye Question

2-CL - Nashua-Plainfield & Hawkeye Questions

3-DU - Hampton-Dumont Question

4-AL - North Butler & Hawkeye Questions

5-AP - Aplington-Parkersburg & Hawkeye Questions

6-SR - Hawkeye Question

7-PB - Aplington-Parkersburg & Hawkeye Questions

8-NH - Hawkeye Question